"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. "

–Benjamin Franklin




"Coaching kids in sports has not only been a wonderful experience, it has demonstrated to me, as an educator, the many lessons kids get from playing team sports. The tools they gain from those experiences stay with them throughout their lives. This type of integrated education is one of the more valuable gifts we can give our children.

Many students are missing vital pieces to their personal education (i.e. sports, academics, emotional support, etc.) Elevation understands the need for a well rounded educational experience and endeavors to provide the missing pieces. Our goal is to marry sports and education into one program. We believe this will “Elevate” our kids by providing the best possible chance to experience all aspects of learning, both in the gym and the classroom.

EDUCATION & ATHLETICS must exist together with the student athlete for them to have an enriching experience and function at their highest level. We strive to give our kids the tools, mentors, coaches and resources that will give them a solid foundation for their future.

– Coach Daryl Roper

•Study Skills

•Emotional Awareness

•Interview Skills
•Computer Skills
•Basic Money Management

•Test Preparation for ACT & SAT                            
•Essay Development             
•College Application Workshops